Learn How To Use WeMatcher:

LIVE (live streaming shows)

1.First of all you should choose how you want to use WeMatcher:


  • WATCH WEBCAM MODELS let you watch webcam models live shows, use the random chat, add friends and send gifts.


  • BE A WEBCAM MODEL let you stream your live show, use the random chat, add friends and receive gifts.

ATTENTION: choose wisely, each email con be connected only to ONE account.

2.Are you a WEBCAM MODEL? Fantastic! Press GO LIVE and start streaming immediately. 

FREE SHOW – The nicer is your show, the higher the chances to receive ♥ (love)  from your viewers. Every value is 250 WM POINTS. Collect WM POINTS and transform them into real MONEY.

PAID SHOW – After 15 minutes of live streaming, you can turn your free show into a paid show. All your viewers will have to send 1 ♥ (love)  to keep watching you.

The lifetime total amount of ♥ (love) received is shown on your profile, the higher the number = the higher your popularity.

ATTENTION: we strongly suggest to GO LIVE and keep the streaming live for a very long time to attract more viewers.

RANDOM (random roulette video chat)

3.Activate your webcam and press the START CHAT button: you will be connected randomly with other users online, following your Gender Filter settings. Video Chat, while speaking on mic or sending messages by the Text Chat. Every message written in your own language, is automatically translated into the language of the other users, and vice-versa.

4.If you are a WEBCAM MODEL we suggest to spend as much time as possible into RANDOM to meet new friends. Accept Direct Video-Calls from your existing friends and, when suitable, ask for a deserved GIFT. Every Gift received is crediting WM Points into your account. Immediately, in real-time!

5.As a WEBCAM MODEL, you can ASK and RECEIVE as many Gifts and ♥ as desired. WeMatcher is TOTALLY FREE TO USE for EVERYONE.

The only way for you to EARN is to Receive Gifts. Make sure your performance on Webcam is well worth the Gifts you ask and receive for.

More nice and open-minded you act on webcam, more happy will be your friends to donate gifts to you.

Remember, at the end of the Video-Chat both, you and your partner, will be asked and able to RATE and REVIEW the just ended Video-Chat. 

Make sure you keep an HIGH SCORE: Higher the Score, Higher Your Popularity. 

6.As mentioned before: ALL GIFTS received are automatically converted into WM POINTS in real time. 

Every 1000 WM Points is valued as 2Euro

Chose your preferred withdrawal method. When your total WM Points reach the minimum limit requested, you will be able to exchange them and see the Correspondent Euro Value credited into your Virtual Account or Bank Card.

Open your Bitsafe account, it takes just few minutes, directly from your mobile phone.