Learn How To Use WeMatcher:

1.Without the need to register, you can start immediately to use the RANDOM Section. Also, you get a totally free Gender Filter, that you can modify as you wish, at any time. Our Gender Filter let you select as many genders as you wish: more genders = more chances to meet new friends.

2.Activate your webcam and press the START CHAT button: you will be connected randomly with other users online, following your Gender Filter settings. Video Chat, while speaking on mic or sending messages by the Text Chat. Every message written in your own language, is automatically translated into the language of the other users, and vice-versa.

3.As Guest User, you can also have a look at our DATING Section. The Dating feature is a collection of all the users profiles. Unfortunately, as a Guest User, you can only see the profile cards, but not view the full profiles. You also can not filter the profiles by Gender, Age, Country or search for a specific user by Nick Name or WeMatcher ID. Most important, as Guest User, you can not Add Friends, Make Direct Calls or Send/Receive Gifts. For ALL this features you need to Register first: It is Free and it is Anonymous!

04.REGISTERING is very simple: you can either use a valid email address, or register by using your preferred Social Network: Facebook, Google or VK.


-Select I’M HERE TO MEET WEBCAM MODELS if you are willing to search for partners, add them as friends, send gifts, and watch them perform for you.

-select I’M HERE TO BE A WEBCAM MODEL if you are willing to spend more time online, ask and receive gifts and perform for others.



5.Once registered, you will need to FILL AND CREATE YOUR OWN PROFILE.

This process will take just few seconds. You can either upload an existing photo, take a snap photo and record your video presentation or chose one of our avatars. Type your chosen Nick Name, select your Age Range, your Country, your Gender and the Genders You Are Interested In (you can modify this details at any time).

Once your profile is created, you will also be given a WeMatcher ID: share this ID to let other users or friends to find you easily.



06.Now, you are ready to enjoy ALL THE FEATURES offered by WeMatcher.

First of all, you can now filter profiles, click and open user’s profile cards. Check more details about other users and ADD FRIENDS.

Creating a large FRIEND LIST, if you are a WEBCAM MODEL, enchant your possibilities to receive GIFTS and EARN MONEY FOR CHATTING.

This works both ways, so make sure your profile is ATTRACTIVE AND INVITING, accept friend requests and make as many friends as possible.

7.Now you are ready to fully enjoy WeMatcher and make WeMatcher the new way to earn money and increase your personal income.

Spend as much time as possible into RANDOM to meet new friends. Accept Direct Video-Calls from your existing friends and, when suitable (if you are a WEBCAM MODEL), ask for a deserved GIFT. Every Gift received is crediting WM Points into your account. Immediately, in real-time!

8.As a WEBCAM MODEL, you can ASK and RECEIVE as many Gifts as desired. WeMatcher is TOTALLY FREE TO USE for EVERYONE.

The only way for you to EARN is to Receive Gifts. Make sure your performance on Webcam is well worth the Gifts you ask and receive for.

More nice and open-minded you act on webcam, more happy will be your friends to donate gifts to you.

Remember, at the end of the Video-Chat borth, you and your partner, will be asked and able to RATE and REVIEW the just ended Video-Chat. 

Make sure you keep an HIGH SCORE: Higher the Score, Higher Your Popularity. 

9.As mentioned before: ALL GIFTS received are automatically converted into WM POINTS in real time. 

Every 1000 WM Points is valued as 2Euro

Chose your preferred withdrawal method. When your total WM Points reach the minimum limit requested, you will be able to exchange them and see the Correspondent Euro Value credited into your Virtual Account or Bank Card.

Open your Bitsafe account, it takes just few minutes, directly from your mobile phone.