About WeMatcher : the Dating Social Network!

Wematcher is a unique, innovative Dating Social Network dedicated to adults that are interested to meet likeminded people online. The platform offers two separated, but directly connected, main features: Random Chat and Dating. Thanks to the latest technology available, WeMatcher can be accessed from any type of device, keeping user’s real identity protected and hidden to the public.


Dating Social Network – Our Mission

We are glad to let our users enjoy in full all the advantages of the modern technology. united to a very respectful and openminded approach. We built a system that enable users to exchange gifts, a gender filter that include all sexual orientation and a complete anonymous profile that guarantee everyone privacy. All this is designed to let every single user to be completely free and safe in our virtual world. Make new friends, or find charming partners, at the simple touch of a button.


Who are the We-Matchers?

We definitely fit into the category of matchers, and probably most, if not all, of our user do as well. Matchers in a relationship are those individuals who share same interests, same attitude and, first of all, same goals. All this, being at the same time, very different individuals under many other aspects.

In relationships three major category of persons identified by sociologists:

  • The takers
  • The Givers
  • The Matchers

While the first ones base their relationship on taking as much as possible from their partners. And the seconds on the complete opposite, on giving all they can. The thirds, the one we represent here, are persons that build their relationships on the right, common balance between taking-giving, in total respect of each other needs and desires.


But it’s not all:

Every gift exchanged between users, as reward for the pleasuring time shared together, is automatically, immediately transformed into real money. Money that are ready to be withdraw into user’s pockets at any time.


All this, and much more, makes WeMatcher the new future of Dating Social Networks.


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